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  • Gives you new faceparts
  • Adds new skin and hair tones
  • Includes a custom race
  • Overhauls the chargen by modifying existing slider values to affect different things

It does not include new textures for the default races (although Pretty Face does and also includes ECE.)

ECE can be greatly useful to someone creating a new character because it adds more aesthetically pleasing face parts (eyes, nose and mouth parts) and useful slider functions, like the ability to rotate a character's eyes inward and outward and the option to widen or narrow a nose.

Quoted from the description: "This mod uses the vanilla head mesh(fix symmetry) but includes a set of TRI files that govern character face morphs that will let a more rounder face with new morphs for mouth,nose and eyes. "

These face morphing replacers will carry over into the vanilla races and most custom ones. The problem with this is that it can affect existing character saves you may have. So if you had messed with the eye depth slider with an existing character and you installed ECE, your eyes will look borked. Even files like Custom Races will experience this.

NOTE: This mod will not affect NPCs in any way, shape or form. However, the sliders do transfer to the CK and can influence the appearance of an NPC you're making.

If you had previously installed ECE and you want to get rid of it, make sure to uninstall the following files:

meshes\actors\character\character assets\eyesfemalechargen.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalehead.nif
meshes\actors\character\character assets\femaleheadbrowschargen.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\femaleheadchargen.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\FemaleHeadraces.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\faceparts\eyesfemaleleftchargen.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\faceparts\eyesfemalerightchargen.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\faceparts\femaleheadbrowschargen.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\faceparts\femaleheadbrowsrace.tri
meshes\actors\character\character assets\faceparts\mouth\mouthhumanfchargen.tri


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