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[edit] First person

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Instant Camera POV switching Switches from first to third person camera and vice-versa, instantly. None

[edit] Third person

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Run Forward with Bow Holding a bow and moving forward in a more natural looking manner. None Screenshot Video
Sprint with Magic Sprint normally while still having the spells up, male and female options. None Male Female
Dual Wield Sprint Better looking sprint while dual wielding swords and daggers. None Video
Female Animation Pack Elaborated pack that replaces most of the vanilla animations. Pretty Motion PackageXP32 New Animation Package Screenshot Screenshot Video
Pretty Motion Package Series of idle animations replacements, adding feminine movement to your character. Female Animation PackXP32 New Animation Package Screenshot Screenshot Video
XP32 New Animation Package Compilation of several animation replacers. Female Animation PackPretty Motion Package Requires FNIS.

[edit] Tools

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Directors Tools Extensive tool for in-game posing and other effects. Perfect for videos and screenshots. None Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Puppeteer Master Adds a spell and an item that lets you manipulate the animation of your character and NPCs. Also works well with Directors Tools for videos and screenshots. None Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
FNIS Expands the number of available custom animations. It's the basic building block for most custom animations such as Pinup Poser and Dance Animations; a must have. None
PC Exclusive Animation Path Apply custom animations only to your character, by using a different animation path along with a custom race. None
Pinup Poser Adds new and standalone poses and animations. None Requires FNIS.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Posers for Men New and standalone poses and animations, for males. None Requires FNIS.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

[edit] Adult

Name Description Conflicts Notes
NSFW Adult Show XXX Sex and masturbation animations. None Requires FNIS.
NSFW AnimObjects Ero Motion Sex "ghosts" and various monsters in several positions. None Requires FNIS.
NSFW Minilovers 2.2 Skyrim's "Lovers with PK." None Requires FNIS.
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